Code of Conduct TN/FR


The SEAT Group advocates for integrity and transparency in business culture, convinced that sustained economic success can only be reached by fulfilling legal requirements.

For this reason, the SEAT Group has always stressed the need for respectful and honest behaviour helping in complying with existing rules, principles and values foreseen in the Code of Conduct. 

This code offers guidance and help to the employees in their daily situations and in the decision-making process, containing examples for better comprehension. In addition, the document exposes how to contribute individually to SEAT's success.

Finally the SEAT Group encourages its suppliers and commercial partners to bear in mind the Code of Conduct in its corporate policies.

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Moreover, the SEAT Group has a Code of Conduct for its business partners. It specifies the Volkswagen Group’s expectations when it comes to its business partners’ attitude and behaviour on their activities, specifically its suppliers and sales business partners. The requirements in the Code of Conduct for business partners establish the foundations of a successful professional relationship between the Volkswagen Group and its partners.

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