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Get CUPRA CONNECT Online Services with exclusive features only for CUPRA Born. Take full advantage of driving electric.


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Activating the connectivity of your new CUPRA Born is a quick and easy process that can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply create a CUPRA ID account via the My CUPRA app, log in and enrol your vehicle to your garage and enhance your car’s connectivity features.



To create a user account (CUPRA ID) in your My CUPRA app, click Login and then Registration. Next, enter your email address and create a password. Then click Registration. You will automatically receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email to complete registration. The first time you log in with your user data, you can fill in your personal details (first name, last name, date of birth, etc.). 

You can also create your CUPRA ID through the CUPRA Private Area.

CUPRA CONNECT GEN4 services are part of the standard equipment of your CUPRA Born.

- If your CUPRA Born is equipped with a Media System, then you have access to the CUPRA CONNECT for Media System package, which includes the service portfolio from Safety & Service, Remote Access, and Infotainment Apps.

- If your CUPRA Born is equipped with a Navi System, then you have access to the CUPRA CONNECT PLUS for Navi System package, which includes the service portfolio from Safety & Service, Remote Access, Online Infotainment, and Infotainment Apps.

Your car can only be controlled from the primary user account, which is the first CUPRA ID user enrolling/logging in to your vehicle. If you want to change the primary user you will have to do a factory reset and go through the enrolment process again.

Please, ensure that the enrolment process has been successfully completed and you have linked your CUPRA ID user account, so that you can remotely see the status of all services through My CUPRA app. If you are not enrolled, you will not be able to see your available CUPRA CONNECT services.

The "Online mode" makes you possible to activate the vehicle/usage data and the location data. Thus, it is a must to be in "Online mode" before starting the Enrolment process and for the use of some functions such as Private e-Call.

The "Offline mode" avoids sending or receiving data for online functions. Once enrolled, you can activate/deactivate all CONNECT services at once by selecting the Private Mode (Online/Offline) in the Welcome Screen, Control Centre (globe icon) and under "settings" in the infotainment menu.

The Battery Charging function, which can be managed through the e-Manger section in the My CUPRA app, gives you the possibility to manually start immediate charge, allowing an early departure with a full battery. It can even establish the battery percentage at which you want to charge the vehicle.

The charging process is optimally performed to save energy costs. This includes charging during the night or starting and stopping the charging process according to the customer needs. Now, the connector cable can be released automatically once the process is finished if it is previously configured by the user.

Also, the e-Manager within the My CUPRA app lets you check the following:

- Charging status

- Possible driving range

- Remaining charge

- Charging plug connection

- State of charge (% of battery)

- Charge rate (km per charging min/h)

- Type of charging (AC/DC)

By enrolling to CUPRA CONNECT, the detailed information over charging stations in the area gets an upgrade. Now you can also check their opening hours, the type of electric charger and their availability. You will easily know where to charge your vehicle along the route.

The customer can set up the desired temperature of the vehicle using the climate control function before departure via the My CUPRA app. In addition, when the temperature outside is 4ºC or under, users will have the option to adjust front seat heating.

The CONNECT Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are available after the enrolment process, by clicking on Legal Notice in your infotainment menu. Also, information about Data Protection is to be found at My CUPRA app.

The Service Activation and Deactivation feature lets you activate and deactivate the traffic data generated in your vehicle Infotainment system service by service, in the Service Management of My CUPRA app. Along with that, all CONNECT services can be activated/deactivated by selecting the Private Mode (Online/Online with Location data/Offline) in the Welcome Screen, Control Centre (globe icon) and under "Settings" in the infotainment menu. While the Service Deactivation feature lets you deactivate each single service individually, the Offline mode disconnects the data connection throughout the Infotainment system and the CONNECT services will not be available.

No, the "logged in user" doesn't have that access. Every time a "logged in user" wants to change the profile to the "primary user", the S-PIN must be introduced, guaranteeing privacy. While the "primary user" has access to the entire portfolio of functions, the "logged in user" has access to a limited portfolio and the "guest user" an even more limited one.

The "Online mode" makes it possible for you to activate the vehicle/usage data, the location data and activate the V2X technology (if present in your vehicle), which you can switch off separately. The "Offline mode" avoids sending or receiving data for online functions. Online mode with location data should be activated in order to allow the use of certain functions such as Private Emergency Call and Parking Position.

You have a Free Trial period of 3 years counting from your CUPRA Born's guarantee date for all CUPRA CONNECT GEN4 commercial packages. The remaining time is linked to your vehicle and displayed in the Store. After the free trial period is over, you'll need to renew your subscription through the Store to keep enjoying the service.

You will have to create your routines in your Infotainment system. Once the desired routine is created, you will be able to view and edit the routines within the My CUPRA app. Routines will allow you to have your vehicle charged and at the perfect temperature within the desired time and day, at your selected locations.

The Parking Position service lets you find your car from wherever you are. Getting to your car is quick and easy thanks to the in-app navigation, which clearly displays a map with where and when you parked and even a possible route to your car.

If the vehicle detects the status has changed/requires customer attention, it will send a push notification via the My CUPRA app. The following warning status will be displayed if something within the section requires your attention:

- Doors: open/unlock

- Windows: open

- Parking lights: on

- Parking brake

- Ignition (on/off)

You will be able to configure your destination from home or any place via My CUPRA app (Maps-->Route import section) and send it to the vehicle's navigation system.

Additionally, you will have the possibility to plan your route to your desired destinations. Several routes can be saved with up to 4 stopovers on each route, including your final destination. Your individual preferences and destinations can be added to any route, it's never been this easy.

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*Charging profiles must be created previously in-car and have to be tied to specific location.

**Subject to optional equipment.